Performance testing

•    Analysis of pedal stroke (each extremity) identifying peak force and dead spot with advice on warm-up/cool-down
•    HR/Cadence and Power combination (1 hour)

•    Pedalling Technique
•    Warm up/Cool down
•    HR and Power training zone assessment (1½ hours)

•    Wattbike set-up
•    Pedalling technique
•    Warm up/Cool down
•    Max Ramp Test or FTP Test
•    HR and Power training zone assessment (2 hours)•    Explosive Power

individual training program prescription


Monthly training program prescribed according to personal information, training and racing goals. Limited interaction, via email, telephonic or monthly feedback.

Client is uploaded onto the Coach One Training Peaks platform. Training sessions and monitoring are done via this platform. Monitoring is done in retrospect. Training data together with verbal feedback is used to prescribe next cycle.

Monthly training program, as above, expanding on bi-weekly monitoring and feedback from rider. Allowing for progressive overload and the amendment/modifying of training overload and or sessions. Interaction is Bi-weekly via email or telephonically where changes and recommendations will be discussed (if required). Performance/Progress testing to be conducted every 4/6months to assess progress and confirm training zones.


Monthly training program, as per level two, with power and heart rate files/data being analyzed weekly in order to prescribe training and specific sessions.

Training load, fatigue and progress is assessed and used to make informed decisions regarding amendments/adjustments to training load and or sessions.

Access to a power meter is ideal/necessary for the respective power data/files are analyzed re mechanical output and performance.

Interaction is “unlimited”.

Level two and three, data is uploaded to Training Peaks. Level Two high-level analysis is done on collective data.

Level Three data is analyzed at a micro and macro level.


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consultation services

•    Nutritional Consultation
•    MTB Skills
•    Pre Race Planning / Strategy
•    Strength / Conditioning Consultation